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Our Mission

Seattle Independent Press

Seattle Independent Press (SIP) is committed to promoting distinctive voices from the Pacific Northwest and commissioning outstanding literary works that have the potential to open minds, inspire audiences, and change the world.

Over the past decade, SIP has grown to become the Pacific Northwest’s premier independent publishing house, releasing a range of titles from bestsellers to critically-acclaimed specialty non-fiction.

Featured Titles

  • My Ravaged Soul

    My Ravaged Soul

    Claudia Martin

    The extraordinary story of a woman reclaiming her life after the loss of her husband to a rare neurological disorder.

  • Your Delicious Threat

    Your Delicious Threat

    Dominique Fox

    A murder mystery centered around students at an elite culinary institute, one of whom will stop at nothing to rise to the top of his class.

  • Ghost Girl

    Ghost Girl

    Marcus Reid

    A young family believes their house is haunted, but investigators discover something even more shocking.

  • A Dark Entity

    A Dark Entity

    Marcus Reid

    In this sequel to the bestseller Ghost Girl, Detective Crowley finds that exposing the secrets of his small town will have dangerous consequences.

  • People

  • Jerry Roach President

    Founder and President of Seattle Independent Press, Jerry Roach started the company in 1997 as a small press focusing on local Seattle-area talent, and over two decades has grown the company into the powerhouse it is today.

  • Kay Bestie Vice President

    Kay Bestie was appointed Vice President of SIP in 2002, supporting Jerry in refining the company’s creative vision and expanding its horizons. She has played a key role in building SIP into a reputable and distinguished company though a sound approach to business.

  • Beau Willis Vice President, Marketing and Publicity

    After twenty five years in senior marketing roles at JCN, Mighty Mart and House of Styles, Beau Willis has brought his expertise to serve the special demands of SIP. His industry wisdom and years of experience are major assets to the company.

  • Jack Hyde Commissioning Editor

    Jack Hyde is the Commissioning Editor, managing relationships with some of SIP’s most high-profile authors. After graduating from Princeton University, Jack began his career consulting for top publishing houses from New York to Chicago, before ultimately making his way to Seattle to join SIP.

  • Courtney Turniansky Commissioning Editor, Non-Fiction

    Courtney has been an integral player in SIP’s growth, launching and serving as Commissioning Editor of our non-fiction unit. What started as a series of provocative memoirs has flourished into one of SIP’s most dependable divisions.

  • Jada Beckstrom Graphic Designer

    A graduate of USC, Jada’s artistic vision has given SIP the distinctive branding and impactful imagery that makes its books stand out from the crowd.

  • Elizabeth Morgan Head of Personnel

    Elizabeth Morgan is an accomplished human resources executive, highly skilled in employee recruitment, training and development. The employee experience and company culture at SIP relies heavily on Elizabeth’s strong leadership.

  • Anastasia Steele Assistant to Jack Hyde

    Anastasia Steele is the newest member of the SIP team. A recent graduate from Washington State University, Ana is a promising recruit to the Seattle publishing scene and we’re pleased to have her with us.

  • Claire Vry Receptionist

    Claire is head receptionist at SIP, greeting authors, visitors and callers with warmth and professionalism.

  • Hannah Hagen Intern

    Hannah Hagen is the SIP intern in residence. A recent graduate of UW, Hannah made a name for herself on campus as the founder of the cultural arts magazine, Modus. We are happy to have her on staff!

  • Employee Access